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  •  Learn about a fate worse than failure. 
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  •  Uncover how other great entrepreneurs break through mediocrity. 
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Welcome To My World
About Your Host
I am Joe Rojas.  I have been building businesses my whole life.  I have failed more times than I care to remember, but through lots of studying, learning and mentoring I learned the formula to make business work.  Now I am making that available to you.  
At Red Sapiens we are building a world where every entrepreneur can thrive.  We understand the challenge: building a business is its own skill and there is a mountain of tasks that have to be completed before you make a real living. 

It is easy to get bogged down, but we will show you how to avoid the work-like-crazy-for-nothing trap and create the life you want.  
  •  GAIN from the tens of thousands of dollars I have invested in learning how to make business work. 
  • Get  POWERFUL insights
  •  Take the first step to thrive as an entrepreneur.  
I want you to thrive as an Entrepreneur. 
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